Dolphin To Dog Workshop

Learn How The Power of Positive Leads to Frustration Free Training 

Train alongside professional dolphin trainers and see firsthand how you can easily apply these skills to your dog in this one of a kind in person opportunity. 

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February 12-13, 2022

Level 1- The Foundation of Cooperative Living

Hosted by Marineland Dolphin Park, St. Augustine, FL.

*Gulf World*

Coming Winter, 2022

Level 1- The Foundation of Cooperative Living

Hosted by Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery, Panama City Beach, FL.

Workshop Highlights

  • Discover the Power of Positive.
  • Learn to train without punishment or coercion.
  • Learn how to gain and maintain attention and behavioral control.
  • Hands on training with dolphins and dogs.
  • Develop CHOICE driven training skills.
  • Develop excellent animal/human communication skills.
  • Apply frustration free techniques to your own dog.
  • Learn how Reinforcement Strategies can work for you.
  • All dog  and dolphin training sessions  with professional trainers.
  • Workshop cost include all animal sessions, and 2021 Membership Dolphin to Dog online course.
  • BONUS! Evening Trainer chats.

Marineland Dolphin Park

St. Augustine, FL

Bring your dog to the World's First Oceanarium!  After training dolphins alongside our professional trainers, you will practice the same skills with your own dog!

Take a peek at Marineland world class location.

Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery

Panama City Beach, FL

Bring your dog to the beautiful Emerald Coast! After training dolphins alongside our professional trainers, you will practice the same skills with your own dog!

Take a peek at Gulf World habitats.

More Information

For more detailed information on this one of a kind opportunity please contact Director Shelley Wood

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Megan Kaczmarcyk, Certified Professional Dog Trainer

"My experience with ABC Animal Training was nothing short of amazing. Not only was the whole experience fun but, extremely educational. As an existing professional dog trainer with experience in training animals professionally , I learned SO much more that I was able to take home and apply to my dog training and clients. The caliber of my training has risen greatly since my time at ABC Animal Training, and I and my clients are all better pet owners because of it! I would do it several times over."


"ABC Animal Training’s beginner and advanced courses are exceptional! They are structured to bring the lecture information to life with many hours of hands on work with the dolphins, sea lions and a myriad of other animals at the facility. The support from Shelley, Roque and crew of trainers was positive, fun and confidence building! As a dog trainer, these courses were instrumental in improving my training skills and understanding of how to work with any animal. I am ready to do it again, it was an experience of a life time!"

Marineland's Valentine's Day Workshop


February 12-13, 2022

  • Included Dolphin Interactive program.
  • Included personalized dolphin and dog training sessions.
  • Included Online Course Membership.
  • Included all Instructor Fees.
  • Included Bonus! Evening Trainer chats.

Marine mammal facility  follow current CDC Covid-19 guidelines


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