The Power of Positive

Improve YOUR life with a better behaved dog. Learn positive choice based techniques used by professional dolphin and dog trainers. Our fun and interactive video lessons and live workshops are easy to understand and will start your training NOW.

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Shelley Wood

Founder of Dolphin to Dog

Founder's Thoughts

Hello! I am Shelley Wood and I have been training dolphins and teaching their trainers for over 30 years at professional animal facilities around the world. Training animals that live in the water and weigh hundreds of pounds has taught me the key to successful training, TRUST. If you build a relationship of trust and cooperation with your animal, you can accomplish amazing things with little effort.

I have taught these skills to dog trainers at hands on workshops and they are surprised to learn how easy it can be to use the techniques we use to train dolphins to train their own dogs.

Now this easy to learn and fun techniques are available for everyone with this online course.

I am super excited to bring this easy to learn techniques to you and your dog.

I'll show you how to make training fun and rewarding for both you and your dog. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll see results. 

Meet The Trainers

You Will Learn How To

  • Train your dog quickly and efficiently.
  • Set up you and your dog for success!
  • Build a trusting bond with your dog.
  • Create a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment.
  • Teach cooperative behaviors using science based positive reinforcement.
  • Teach doggy home etiquette.
  • Prepare your dog for a visit to the Vet's office.
  • Reduce your dog's stress.
  • Properly socialize your dog with other dogs.
  • Interpret your dogs behavior.

Shelley and Sierra

Start Learning!

Learning is fun so don't delay. Your dog will thank you for it.

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